Over 200million spent,11 games 5wins,1draw and 5 losses…16pts out of 33.That’s the story of the ‘new Milan’ so far…

Should Milanistas get use to this depressing Milan or should we remain optimistic about the usual song of returning to old glory;so many things have changed since Milan won her last European trophy in 2007,the game has evolved, Delima Ronaldo was the world most expensive player at 46m…Juventus and Atletico Madrid has reached the UCL final twice in 3seasons,Dortmund,PSG and ManCity has evolved from league attendees to UCL favorites, Leicester City has done the impossible, these are just a few among the sweet sad story on how the game has evolved,the world transfer record has being broken a couple of times and new teams have risen,A case of looking at the mighty ACMilan vis-à-vis the Champions League and Europe at large…what about the Italian SerieA, how much has it changed since 2011,the last time the Diavolo lifted the Scudetto?

The Zebras as i like to call them have won the league 6 times, unstoppable and almost invincible until now, Napoli and Roma have been the only team good enough a test for for the serial winners, while Milan has finished as low as 7th to 10th within these same period;If the table will turn this season which its still quite early to say but most calico followers will tip the Partenopei  as this season SerieA champion, their style of football isn’t just admired in the peninsula but across the continent.

The lastest surprise of this season is the Aquile of Rome, lets leave the ode for Simeone Inzaghi’s Lazio for another day and lest beam our rays back on Milan;

The main question is “can Milan get back to where they belong?” In my personal opinion I would say its almost impossible and probably Milanistas need to get use to this mediocrity…Yea,I’m crazy to say this but you ask me what are the odds of Milan winning the Scudetto or getting to the Semi final o f the UCL.

Okay,lets do some little Analysis and comparison….

Lets start from the Italian SerieA where ACMilan plays its league football, fair to say there are 5 teams ahead of the Rossoneri;Juve, Napoli, Roma, Lazio and Inter…not a coincidence that the Rossoneri has lost to 4 of these teams already this season conceding a total of 11 goals, with Napoli only the team left to play, a team which can sit comfortably amongst Europe’s highest goal scoring clubs; How much resources is needed to catchup with at least 3 of this 5 teams?Do Milan need one of the teams to stagnate for it to over takes? These are ideological questions the Milan Management have to ponder over,The answer to these questions may not be far fetched depending on the strategy the Milan hierarchy are pursuing to return the club to where it duly “belongs”.

The shortest way for me is the ManCity or PSG way, invest hundreds of million in every window and see Milan blow its league rivals away like an hurricane in a maximum of 2 seasons;The other option is to invest cautiously and strategically in young talents,shrewd scouting and hire the right coach that will create a new and daring Milan that will pursue its goals in all front,but how long will this take (back and forth signings of fits and mis-fits,hiring and firing of coaches who doesnt seem to be taking the team forward)? And at the end of this cycle what will this Milan look like? Sincerely another Napoli,Dortmund or Atletico…beautiful sides who are able to challenge on all fronts locally and in Europe but will never and most likely not be remembered for the trophies they have won…another close example is also Juventus, hard to say their’s anything the Bianconeri management has done wrong in  the last few years, but an European Trophy still seems elusive ,such a patience and time is what Nasir El Khelaifi cant afford, reason he has chosen a new path to break all glass ceiling in making sure the Paris Club gets its hand on the most coveted price in club football;all that being said…we aren’t in the minds of the Milan Chinese owners and its too early to make any hasty conclusion but the question still remains, how long do we have to wait?

Time waits for no one, enemies are on the march and the hurdles are getting higher,the longer it takes,the harder it becomes to return this prestigious club to where it should be.

This write up was inspired by ‘GONZALO HIGUAIN